International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 and Local 399 Endorse Thomas McDermott, Jr. for Congress

“Having Local 150 and Local 399 endorse my candidacy for Congress is a great honor. I especially want to thank Jim Sweeney, Dave Fagan, and Brian Hickey, for their honest meeting this week. I think this once again underscores my union credentials and I am proud to be able to say Local 150 and 399 are supporting me. I won’t let our union men and women down,” said Mayor McDermott. Local 150 and 399 represent over 22,000 union members who operate heavy equipment at construction sites, road construction, public works facilities amongst other jobs. This endorsement along with the Building Trades, other trades like the Ironworkers, Roofers, Painters, as well as First Responders and others makes McDermott far and away the most union supported candidate in the race.