Highland Democratic Precinct Organization Endorses McDermott for Congress

Thank you to the Highland Democratic Precinct Organization for your enthusiastic endorsement of my campaign! If elected to represent you in Congress, I will never stop working and fighting for the families in the great town of Highland and all of Northwest Indiana. Now more than ever, we need proven leadership, and I thank you for your vote of confidence.

Thank you to Representative Seth Moulton and Serve America for your endorsement. I’m honored to be endorsed by this national organization whose mission is to put people above politics and to elect members to Congress who have dedicated their lives to service. From the moment I enlisted in the United States Navy at age 18, through my work at the Legal Aid Clinic at Notre Dame, to the last 16 years as Hammond’s mayor, I understand the importance of serving others. When I’m elected Congressman, I promise to continue my service and to fight for all of Northwest Indiana.


Serve America PAC is proud to endorse six new candidates in U.S. House and Senate races, including three races in battleground states.

Serve America’s new House endorsees are:

  • Brynne Kennedy (CA-04)
  • Tom McDermott (IN-01)
  • Stephanie Schmid (NJ-04)
  • Sri Kulkarni (TX-22)

We are also endorsing two more candidates running for the Senate:

  • Mark Kelly (Arizona)
  • Cal Cunningham (North Carolina)

These candidates come from military and diplomatic service backgrounds or have careers that have been defined in some way by a commitment to service. Serve America endorses candidates we believe have a good chance of winning critical districts to help Democrats hold on to our House majority and flip the Senate. Serve America provides fundraising, communications, strategy, and on-the-ground support to its endorsees.

"I’m proudly endorsing Tom McDermott for Congress because he’s been serving his community and his country his entire life. Tom spent six years in the Navy as a nuclear submariner, 16 years as the mayor of his hometown, and recently co-chaired the DNC Veterans and Military Families Council. He’s a principled and practical leader, and it’s time for him to bring his enthusiasm for service to Washington." said Rep. Seth Moulton.

The new candidates join a class of 11 impressive challengers (eight in House races and three in Senate races), in addition to the 21 incumbent House members already endorsed by Serve America.

Serve America PAC, founded by Rep. Seth Moulton, supports military veterans, other service-driven candidates, and next-generation leaders running for federal, state, and local offices. In 2018, Serve America supported 21 successful House candidates, 18 of whom flipped seats from red to blue.

To learn more about Serve America’s work and view our full candidate slate, visit www.serveamericapac.com.